Monday, September 20, 2004

om my

awhile back i came across an article here about thai buddhists protesting a movie called hollywood buddha because of a poster depicting a man sitting atop the head of a buddha statue. i wonder how buddhists would feel about this.

is that she-hulk?

green-haired girl

got bored with my hair, so mr. dexygus chopped off about 4 inches for me, then i bleached and dyed the bottom third green. i bought 2 different shades of special effects green (limelight and iguana green) from amphigory who i've been shopping from for a few years. i tried limelight first, but one day of walking around with it convinced me that it was just too light and bright for my taste. i'm definitely partial to darker colors. my past colors have been blue velvet, electric blue, blue-haired freak, wildflower, and pimpin' purple. the green is a slight departure. the next day i applied iguana green over the original, and i'm much happier with the results. i think it looks pretty good, in fact.

the only problem with these funky-colored hair dyes is that they're only semi-permanent, so with each washing, the color fades a little more. the bottle says the color remains for 3-6 weeks. i haven't ever kept track. so while this gives you the opportunity to try differenct colors, it also means you either have to constantly take care of it, whether it be maintaining or changing the color. the alternative is to have blond hair, and ever-extending dark roots. i confess that's how my hair usually ends up because sometimes you just don't feel like dealing with it. but for now, i'll be enjoying the vibrant emerald that is my hair.

Thursday, September 09, 2004

delirious with fatigue

this has been a rough week. i'm exhausted. my boss was at burning man, so i was left alone to man the pastry kitchen. i also babysat his puppy, which makes 10 mammals in my house. and i did this alone, i might add, because mr. dexygus is out of town. this past week has just been a series of obligations, and it's worn me out. so far i've worked 6 days straight. i'll get tomorrow off, but i'll have to work friday, saturday, and sunday, at least. but since i get tomorrow off, i get to do whatever i want now. i'm relishing the fact that i can stay up late without repercussions. i watched two movies tonight, and i'll be bringing a stack of old issues of saveur magazine to bed with me. heh, i won't last long though; my eyes are barely staying open now. big yawn. ok, good night.

Monday, August 23, 2004

i'm such a damn klutz

for the 3rd time this year, i've sprained my ankle walking my dog. the first time, i was walking down some gravelly steps thinking about what i was going to have for lunch. the second time, i was talking to someone about the joys of falafel. this time i was distracted by some animal noises in the distance. as i looked around for the source, i failed to notice a divot in the ground.

now, you would think i could do two things at once. you would think i could walk without having to stare at the ground. you would think that at age 31, i would have mastered this most basic of human skills. alas, all evidence points to the contrary, as i sit here with a bag of frozen peas strapped to my ankle.

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

a herculean feat

scooby waiting to be clipped

today was nail-trimming day for the kitties. no small feat considering we have 8 cats. all total, that's 32 paws, or 144 claws. the hardest part is rounding the little buggers up. they know that something unpleasant is about to happen, and they're not sticking around to find out what. they don't exactly hide from us. they hang around, but skedaddle just when we're about to pick them up. it's almost like they're taunting us. not scooby though. (see above picture). he's pretty oblivious to what's going on.

i always clip, and mr. dexygus holds. the picture above is not actually indicative of how we operate. it's just that i can't clip and take a picture at the same time, so scooby and mr. dexygus are just posing. one of the most important rules is that you find a well-lighted place for clipping. that way you can see through the claw, and avoid cutting the quick. thankfully, i've never cut the quick. it causes the claw to bleed, and is pretty painful. imagine cutting too far when you trim your own nails. our dog, kurn, is another story. he has opaque black claws, so you can't see where the damn quick starts. he's been cut a fair few times.

positioning is also very important. i find that i have to change positions for each paw. first i kneel on the floor, then stand, then have to hunker down. repeat for each cat. it's hell on the knees, but what're you gonna do? when you're done, make sure to give kitty lots of rubs.

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

night of the living dead

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on saturday night, i caught the beginning and the end of george romero's night of the living dead on kteh, one of the several local pbs stations. erm, i kinda fell asleep and missed a good portion of the middle. since i missed so much, i was hesitant to even comment on it, but the film disturbed me so much that i can't keep silent.

well, for a movie that was made in 1968, it was damn creepy. the zombies, even, are pretty convincing. the sloppy camera-work and bad editing made the film all the more realistic and urgent. but by far, the ending is the most haunting. i don't want to give it away, but man, i've been thinking about it for days, and i can't seem to get the images out of my mind. you saw it coming, but that didn't make it less effective.

i guess i should see the entire film one of these days, but i'm afraid it'll scar me for life. i actually had a dream that night that some of my cats became zombies, and i had to stuff towels under the door, so they couldn't crawl under. don't ask me how a cat could squeeze through a 1-inch gap under a door, but i wasn't taking any chances. besides, maybe zombie cats can collapse their skeletons (hmm, and i guess skulls too) like sea cucumbers (forgive the obscure reference, but sea cucumbers were the only animals i could find online quickly that can collapse their skeletons. i actually thought rats had this ability, but i was unable to find documentation).

anyway, i'll put NOTLD on my netflix list, maybe somewhere around #62, so i have time to think about it.

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

hair conditioner recommendations anyone?

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i've come to the conclusion that you cannot buy a decent conditioner from trader joe's. oh, i love the scents, but they just don't make my hair any healthier, or at the very least, give the illusion that it's healthier. that's all i'm asking at this point. if my hair feels smooth after rinsing the conditioner out, then i'm happy.

the one on the left, avalon organics awapuhi mango moisturizing conditioner smells great and has pretty packaging which i'm a sucker for. it's nice and thick which is usually an indication (to me, anyways) that it'll glom onto my hair, and work its magic. however, after rinsing, my hair feels exactly the same as before the conditioner. don't ask me why i've continued to use it. routine, i guess.

next is trader joe's rosemary mint conditioner. again, it smells wonderful. and actually, this one isn't horrible. it actually makes my hair feel a little healthier. the problem is the viscosity of it, or actually, the lack of viscosity. it's way too loose. and it really resembles, um... how to put this delicately...semen. that really doesn't bother me. i just give the analogy so you know what i'm talking about. the point is, it's so loose, that i inevitably lose half of it before it gets to my hair.

now, the last one. i got sucked into buying this one because it was $1.99. how could i refuse? i must remind myself not to be such a cheap-ass. trader joe's refresh citrus conditioner with vitamin c. this one absolutely sucks. thick and creamy. very deceiving. it actually makes my hair feel more damaged than before using it. it doesn't even get the tangles out of my hair, and actually makes it feel stripped. this is going into the trash today.

so can anyone help me? i'm looking for a cheap to moderately priced, cruelty-free nice-smelling conditioner. it absolutely has to be cruelty-free. the other criteria, i'm flexible with. please help a poor, damaged-haired girl out.

Friday, July 02, 2004


I'm not a fan of blockbuster Hollywood type movies. I refuse to watch Titanic and the like. I sneer at anything with Tom Cruise in it. Disney and Pixar? No thanks. There are, however, notable exceptions which compel me to endure the agony of sitting in a theater full of annoying mainstream movie-goers. For instance, I will see any Harry Potter movie simply because I adore the books. No matter how mediocre it might be, I will without doubt see the next one, probably at midnight before opening day, just like other die-hards. I am also likely to watch any epic and/or historic film if it contains talented (and often hot) British or Aussie actors. Lord of the Rings, Troy, Gladiator. And I'll probably see King Arthur. I'm also a sucker for movies based on certain comic books. Seeing these superheroes and their powers come to life is absolutely thrilling. I loved X-men and its sequel. I grew up reading my uncle's collection. I also enjoyed Spiderman, the movie, though I never read the comic book. There was one Marvel series in which all the goodguys collaborated in a war against all the bad-guys. The goodguys didn't all get along with each other, and in fact, I remember hating Spiderman because he always got the better of the X-men.

But I digress. The point of this whole post is to comment on Spiderman 2. First of all, I have to say that Alfred Molina is an amazing actor, but we already knew that. The way he becomes his character is awe-inspiring. In the case of Doc Ock, he really put his body and soul into it. And I really appreciated the physicality of the role as well. No one knows what it's like to throw a taxi door with a mechanical arm that's sticking out of your back, but Molina sure makes us believe that Doc Ock does.

I really liked the movie. Without really going into details for those who haven't seen it, there were some incredibly intense scenes, especially those with Alfred Molina. Hehe. I'm also a sucker for the tortured soul. Peter, Harry, Doc Ock. It was full of that. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention unrequited love. So sue me. I am a girl after all.

I actually even got choked up a little in this movie. There's always something about a noble man, and the goodness of people that gets to me.

Still, this movie isn't perfect. Some of it actually lagged. And there were actually some cheesy, cringe-worthy scenes. When you've seen it, we can discuss it in the comments area. When I saw the movie, the sound actually went out for about 5 minutes, so I probably missed some important bits. I will have to see it again. Fortunately, the theater issued everyone a free ticket. I'll give it another week before I see it again. Maybe I can avoid the crowds that way.